Download Flyme 7 Launcher, Stock Apps, and Wallpapers


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Flyme 7 is the official upcoming firmware update for Meizu devices. Flyme 7 OS packs a bunch of new amazing features and apps. The new OS is most likely to be based on Android 8.0 Oreo. The company has already begun the recruiting for the Flyme 7 Public Beta Program with eligible devices such as Meizu PRO 7, PRO 7 Plus, M5 Note, and MX6. Other Meizu devices will also receive the stable Flyme 7 firmware update later this year. The Flyme 7 includes many new features and applications such as improved Camera APK, Music FX, File Manager, Flyme 7 Lab App, Flyme 7 Assistant, Gallery Apps, Gaming Center, and much more. On top of that, Flyme 7 also has a lot of UX changes to offer. From this article, you can Download Flyme 7 Launcher, Stock Apps, and Wallpapers.

By installing the Flyme 7 Wallpapers and launcher you will get to experience the Flyme 7 OS. Having said that, these installations won’t bring Android 8.0 Oreo to your device but they will definitely give you the taste the of the latest Flyme 7 OS.

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Download Flyme 7 Launcher

Flyme 7 Launcher is now available for download. The launcher won’t give you all the features of Flyme 7 because it does not consist of Android upgrades. Anyhow, it will give you a good rundown of how the Flyme 7 launcher will look like once it’s released. However, to complete the Flyme 7 experience you need to install Flyme 7 stock apps as well. The links for the stock apps are provided at the end of the post. Now download Flyme 7 Launcher APK and install it right away.

Download Flyme 7 Launcher APK

Download Flyme 7 Launcher

Download Flyme 7 Stock Wallpapers

No skin is complete without a set of amazing stock wallpapers. Same is the case with Flyme 7, it comes with really stunning wallpapers and you need to download them as well to complete the Flyme 7 experience. The wallpapers come in FHD and UHD resolution, so it’s up to you in which resolution you want to download the stock wallpapers.

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Download Flyme 7 Stock Wallpapers in FHD

Download Flyme 7 Stock Wallpapers in UHD 4K

Download Flyme 7 Stock Apps

As I mentioned earlier, you need to install all the stock apps along with the Flyme 7 launcher and Wallpapers to complete the Flyme 7 experience. You can download all the stock Flyme 7 apps from the links provided below. Download and install them right away and enjoy the Flyme 7 Experience on your device.

That would be all, download Flyme 7 Launcher, Stock Apps, and Wallpapers and enjoy the Flyme 7 on your device.