How to Get Apple’s AssistiveTouch Feature on Android


Apple iPhones have a very distinctive feature built-in their OS called AssistiveTouch. Being an Android user you might not be aware of the term “Assistive Touch” but if you happen to be a user of any Apple device be it iPhone, iPad or iPod you must have not only heard it but most probably be using it right now. With AssistiveTouch you can perform different gestures like a pinch, multi-finger swipe, use 3D touch etc. This feature also comes in handy if your home button gets busted, with AssistiveTouch you will have a fully functioning virtual home button.

Well, how could Android users be left out? Though this type of feature is not officially available on any Android version, the freestudio development team has developed and app which almost works like Apple’s AssistiveTouch feature. This app, called Assistive Touch,  will add value to your customizability. Let’s find out how to install it and setup it.

How to have Apple’s AssistiveTouch Feature on Android

Step 1: Download the App directly from Google Play Store. It’ free!

Step 2: Open the app and tap on the big round button with text “Enabled” written inside of it. As soon as you hit Enabled the Assistive Touch button will start floating on your screen. You can also change the background color. To do so, simply click on Background and choose from a variety of colors.

Step 3: On the main menu tap on Icons button, and select any icon of your liking.

Step 4: Now again head back to the main menu of the app and this time click on Panel. From here you can set all sorts of actions you want on your Assistive Touch Button.

That’s it. You can now access your favorite apps, bookmarked sites, settings, camera app etc. with just one tap.


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