Android Oreo Update for Huawei Watch 2 Disables Android Pay Outside US/UK


If you are an owner of Huawei Watch 2 and its running on Android Nougat then don’t bother updating it to Android Oreo. Despite, Android Oreo being the latest OS and all it might not be worth updating your Huawei  Watch 2 to Android Oreo. According to users on reddit, as soon as you update your watch to Android Oreo, the Android Pay app cease to work outside the US or UK. The Google’s response to this tragedy is that Android Pay app for Google isn’t launched outside the US or UK. However, it’s worth mentioning here, that Android Pay app certainly works in 15 other countries including Australia and Canada.

Android Oreo update

You can still use Android Pay app on Huawei Watch 2 after Android Oreo update but it’s a short-term solution to a problem which seems like is here to stay. Anyhow, you can use Android pay app on Huawei Watch 2 by manually enabling Android Pay by searching for it in the Play Store. After you install the app on your watch it will disable itself after a while. Then you would need to uninstall it and then reinstall it again by searching for it in the Play Store. There are also several steps which you need to perform each time before making a purchase. Therefore, it is better either not to update Huawei Watch 2 to Android Oreo or use your mobile phone for the purchase.