How to Automatically Change Gboard’s Theme to Material Dark Theme at Night


One of the most important reasons people root their Android phones is themes. In a rooted device, you can change the theme of literally any area you like. Themes have been part of mobile devices since the color screens are introduced, it enables the user to personalize the mobile experience. Same is the case with Google’s Keyboard App (Gboard), it gives you the option to change the theme of the keyboard. You can choose from a variety of colors to suit your personal preference. Despite Gboard having this ability, people are still disappointed since Gboard doesn’t feature automatic theme change option. Means the Keyboard App won’t change color automatic to the Material Dark theme at night. So, we decided to write a tutorial on How to Automatically Change Gboard’s Theme to Material Dark Theme at Night.


Tasker is an automation app which provides total automation from Settings to SMS. And to install this app you must have rooted device.

How to Automatically Change Gboard’s Theme to Material Dark Theme at Night

  1. Download the above Tasker Task and save the .tsk.xml file anywhere on your internal storage.
  2. Now open the Tasker App and Tap on the “TASKS” tab on the top.
  3. Once you are in TASKS TAB, tap and hold on “TASKS” until you option to “Import”. Tap on import and look for the .tsk.xml file you saved earlier. Select the file to import.
  4. You will now see a Task named “Gboard Color Change”.
  5. Now open up the Tasker and tap on the Plus Sign at the bottom right of the screen.
  6. Select the “Time” Context.
  7. Now select the time, like at what time you want to activate the Dark Material Theme till what time. For “From” choose the time you want to activate Material Dark Theme and for “To” choose the end time when you want the Gboard light theme activated. For e.g you want Dark Theme to activated from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM.
  8. After you done with setting time, hit back and Tasker will ask you to either attach the task or create a new one. Don’t select the already created Task with name of Gboard Color Change instead create a new task.
  9. Name the profile something like “Gboard Dark Material Theme for Night”.
  10. Once you are in task editing screen, tap on the Plus sign at the bottom middle of the screen to Add a new action.
  11. Choose Variables –> Variable Set. Name: %theme. To: material_dark.
  12. Add another Action. Choose Task –> Perform Task. For Name, hit the magnification glass and now select Gboard Color Change. Under Parameter 1, enter %theme.
  13. Now exit back to Tasker’s Main screen.

And that’s it! Now the Material Dark Theme will be activated precisely at 8:00 PM. Now the question is, how to automatically change Gboard’s theme to Material Light Theme at 8:01 AM? The answer is in below steps.

  1. Press and hold on the Task you created until you see an option to Add Exit Task. Select that option.
  2. Just enter the Task editing screen without naming it.
  3. Add an Action. Variables –> Variable Set. Name: %theme. To: material_light.
  4. Add another Action. Task –> Perform Task. Name: Gboard Color Change. Under Parameter 1, enter %theme.

That’s it! The Tasker will now switch Gboard’s color theme to Material light theme at 8:01 AM.