Best Music Streaming Services of 2019


Whether you are taking a stroll in the evening, jogging in the morning, or sweating yourself in Gym listening to music has become an essential part of our lives. There are many music streaming services available on the internet which has huge music libraries. However, there are some music streaming services which are considered best in terms of the UI/UX, features, and the collection of songs. Therefore, if you are searching for a music streaming service which suffices your urge for listening to some quality music then you have landed in the right place. Below is the list of Best Free Music Streaming Services in 2019.

Best Music Streaming Services Of 2019

Let’s start with the list of Music Streaming Services which are free and best in the business.


When it comes to Music Streaming Services, you have to start with the Spotify. It’s without any doubt one of the best services available in the market. The perfect app to curate music and get good music recommendations. Spotify’s Daily Mix and Discover Weekly features are spot on. However, it’s Crossfade and Gapless features are not that great and didn’t get much approval of the users. The playlists of Spotify makes switching music a very smooth experience.

Recently, Spotify has started its efforts to penetrate the humungous Indian Market. The service is partially launched in India. There are a few songs that are missing for the Indian users due to regional restrictions. Therefore, we wouldn’t recommend Spotify to Indian users.

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Apple Music

After Spotify, Apple Music is the big name in Music Streaming Services. The weekly recommendations of Apple Music such as Friday Feeling are ample. The thing on which Apple Music outshines Spotify is it’s clean and minimalistic UI. Apple Music has 40+ Million songs and counting. It outnumbers its closest rivals easily.  Plus, the first free three months make it hard to ignore. Apple Music also has built-in lyrics feature which is very important to some users. In fact, this feature could be a deal breaker for many of us out there.

Earlier, Apple Music was only available for Apple Users. However, now it’s available Android Users as well and you can enjoy this amazing Music Streaming Service on your Android Device.

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YouTube Music

Being an unbeaten rival in video content it’s hard to believe that YouTube has joined the table of Music Streaming services very late. Anyhow, given that the search giant is behind YouTube it still has made to the list of best Music Streaming Services in 2019. YouTube Music is merging with Google Play Music. This means the library of songs is going to be wide enough for the majority of the users.

YouTube Music Premium has a feature of playing videos in the background or when the device is turned off. This means that the YouTube Music Premium Library is as big as YouTube itself. Anyhow, the video content even running in the background would drain your device’s battery pretty fast. Therefore, if your device has a feeble battery than you should probably forget about YouTube Music Premium and go for Spotify or Apple Music.

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