Bromite is the Latest Ad-Blocking Android Browser – Download Now


Ad blocking apps for Android are available in the market for a very long time. There are several apps which serve the purpose of blocking annoying ads on your Android Phone. However, almost all these apps require root access to function. This is because, unlike iOS, Android doesn’t provide ad blocking feature natively. This makes sense since Google’s business model heavily relies on Ads — Adsense being the world’s biggest  Ad Network. Google doesn’t allow any of the ad blocking apps on Google Play Store, therefore, users who want to block ads and also don’t to want to root their devices have to resort standalone browsers which support have ad blocking feature. Amongst many, Bromite is the latest ad-blocking Android Browser, which is a port of NoChromo, which doesn’t require root access to get installed on your Android phone.

ad-blocking Android Browser

According to the developer, csagan5, Bromite was started as an open-source project under GPLv3. Which means developers from all around the world can contribute to the project to achieve optimal results. The developer also stresses that Bromite doesn’t  leak IP addresses via WebRTC and it includes other patches focused on privacy, like the conversion of AMP search results from Google search results.

Therefore, if you are looking for an ad-blocking Android Browser, which respects your privacy and also doesn’t require root than Bromite is the answer. You can download Bromite APK for Android from the link given below.

Download Bromite APK for Android

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