Download Android Q Beta 2 Bug Patch


In this Android Tutorial, we will tell you How to download Android Q Beta 2 bug patch. After the closure of Google+, the Android Beta Team has moved their community over to Reddit. Therefore, if you are looking authentic discussion forum for the latest beta of Android from Google Reddit is the place. Don’t forget to check out the Android Beta subreddit. The first beta of Android Q was released in the middle of last month. The first beta was available for only Google Pixel devices, so only those with Pixel devices were able to test the latest version of Android.

Download Android Q Beta 2 Bug Patch

Google promised to release Android Q Beta 2 in early April. The search giant kept its promise and released Android Q Beta 2 in the first week of April. Those who have used Android Q Beta 2 must know that there some critical issues in the version which needed immediate attention and Google is not going to release Android Q Beta 3 anytime before May. However, to address those critical issues Google decided to roll out a bug patch for Android Q Beta 2 which fixes some very important bugs in the latest flavor of Android. The update is being pushed via OTA. Follow the below steps in order to download Android Q Beta 2 Bug Patch on your Pixel device.

Download Android Q Beta 2 Bug Patch

A patch to the Android Q Beta 2 is currently rolling out with the build number QPP2.190228.023.

  1. Turn on your Pixel Device.
  2. Go to Settings from your app launcher.
  3. In Settings, go to Advanced and then System Updates.
  4. Here you will be able to download and install Android Q Beta 2 Bug patch on your Pixel Device.

Be noted that it’s not necessary that all the bugs you are facing get solved after installing Android Q Beta 2 Bug patch. Google will definitely make things smoother and more stable with the release of Android Q Beta 3.


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