Download Battlelands Royale APK for Android


We have already seen intense Battle Royale Games like PUBG, Fortnite Mobile, and Fortcraft. It’s time to take a break from intense battle Royale games and look at a more fun filling game. Battlelands Royale is a game which provides you fun twist in a familiar Battle Royale Setting. You can download Battlelands Royale APK for Android from this post.

In the game, you pit against 32 other players from all around the world who are fighting for glory. Only the last man standing wins the game, now till here it seems like any other battle royale game but the twist is that the battles remain for 3 to 5 mins only. So, there are no complicated menus in the game to navigate, the gameplay is very simple. Just parachute, choose your landing spot wisely and search the area for weapons and armors to prepare yourself for the battle. You can fight solo or form a team to fight against the other teams. The battles take place on a huge map where there are many interesting locations which you can use to take advantage of the battle. Such locations include amazing hideouts, ships, maze, and train yard etc. Whatever your strategy is, just don’t get caught by the enemy.

Battlelands Royale APK

As you progress in the game you will unlock exclusive content like emotes, parachutes, and different skins by gaining XP and leveling up. There is a variety of guns which you can use to perfect your shooting skills. Battlelands Royale has a very simple game-play and it’s specially designed for Mobiles. However, if you want, you can download Battlelands Royale for PC and MAC as well.

The game is available to download on Google Play Store. If you want to downloads it’s APK then keep on reading.

Download Battlelands Royale APK for Android

  • Download Battlelands Royale APK for Android.
  • Copy the downloaded APK to your Android device.
  • To install APK files from other sources you will have to go to Setting >> Security >> Allow Unknown Sources. Once you check this option you will be able to install the files.
  • Tap the downloaded APK to initiate the installation process
  • After completion, run Battlelands Royale.


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