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HTC Smart Tool is a small Windows-based utility that allows you to perform various tasks on your HTC device. You can download the latest and all the available versions of the HTC Smart Tool from this post. Even though HTC is relatively behind from its competition in terms of popularity and innovation, it still has a strong user-base. And to cater to the needs of those users — HTC Smart Tool is the best light-weight utility that performs a lot of tasks. Below are some of the noticeable features of this small utility.

download htc smart tool

HTC Smart Tool – Features

ADB Devices

This feature allows you to know the number of devices connected to a PC.

Factory Reset

HTC Smart Tool allows you to perform a factory reset on your HTC device. It will completely wipe your HTC phone clean.

Reboot into Fastboot Mode

This utility has the ability to reboot your HTC phone into Fastboot Mode without pressing complex key combinations.

Zip File flashing

This feature allows you to flash the zip file package onto your HTC Phone. However, you might need to have root access in order to flash these zip file packages.

Re-locking Bootloader

If you have changed your mind and now want to re-lock the bootloader which you had unlocked then don’t worry. You can re-lock bootloader on your HTC in a jiffy with HTC Smart Tool.

Reboot Bootloader

This feature quickly helps you to reboot the bootloader on your HTC Device.

Read and Flash Unlock Token

This tool has an in-built feature with which you can read and flash the unlock token while unlocking the bootloader of any HTC device.

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HTC Smart Tool contains Android Exploits which actually help you to perform various tasks on the HTC device. Therefore, this utility can be mistaken as a Trojan or malware by your PC.


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