Download Latest Xiaomi Service Tool 2018


Download Latest Xiaomi Service Tool 2018 from this post. Xiaomi is growing at a rapid pace and penetrating mobile market very fast. The company which started producing smartphones only in 2014 is now selling millions of devices on monthly basis. Therefore, there are a lot of Xiaomi tools in the market which are designed to aid the developers. Xiaomi Device Service Tool 2018 is one of those tools which help developers to perform a number of tasks on Xiaomi devices.

Xiaomi Service Tool 2018

The most promising feature of Xiaomi Device Service Tool 2018 is that it let you bypass screen lock. Further, it allows you to reset your Xiaomi device with just one click. It means you don’t have to follow long guides just to reset your Xiaomi device. On top of that, you can also boot your Xiaomi device into fastboot mode, Qloader mode and more. Before we go on and download the latest Xiaomi Service Tool, keep one thing in mind. This tool is only meant to be installed on Windows PC, therefore, if you are a MAC user you can close the article right now as Xiaomi Service Tool won’t install on your MAC.

Download Latest Xiaomi Service Tool 2018

Click on the below link to download Xiaomi Service Tool 2018 on your Windows PC. Once it’s downloaded, you can simply install it on your PC.

Download Xiaomi Service Tool 2018

Features of Xiaomi Service Tool

  • Recovery device check
  • Device information
  • Pattern password remove
  • Recovery to normal mode
  • Fastboot device to check
  • Fastboot reboot
  • Device product name check [fastboot mode]
  • Qloader Mode


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