Download Lenovo Smart Assistant


Lenovo Smart Assistant also known as Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant is a small piece of software developed by Lenovo. This small utility helps you update your phone ROM and it also helps in fixing any existing issues with your ROM. Normally Lenovo pushes all its update Over the Air (OTA), so users get updates directly on their phones. But sometimes, due to many reasons, OTA updates doesn’t work and cause problems. So, if you are facing any ROM update problems then download Lenovo Smart Assistant and let this small utility update your phone with the latest firmware. Lenovo Smart Assistant comes with latest Lenovo USB Drivers.

Lenovo Smart Assistant is only available for Windows Users, no MAC and Linux support at this moment. You just need to connect your Lenovo Phone with your PC and let the utility take care of everything else. Lenovo Smart Assistant will fix the issue with your ROM or will help you update your phone ROM or simply give you useful tips from its database.

So, if you are interested in updating your ROM then follow the links below to download Lenovo Smart Assistant.


Operating System CPU Frequency Memory Capacity  Memory Size
Windows XP SP3 1GHz 256MB 256MB
Windows 7 (32/64bit) 1GHz 1GB 256MB
Windows 8 (64bit) 2GHz 2GB 1GB
Windows 8.1 (64bit) 2GHz 2GB 1GB
Windows 10 (64bit) 2GHz 2GB 1GB

Download Lenovo Smart Assistant:

  • Download Lenovo Smart Assistant 2.0
  • Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant 3.0


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