Download Magisk 19.1: Android Q Beta 2 Support Added


If you are looking for ways to root your device running on Android Q Beta 2 then you are in for a treat. Magisk 19.1 has been released and it comes with Android Q Beta 2 support. Magisk 19.1 takes over the previous Magisk 19 which was a beta version, which means it was not a stable build. You can download Magisk 19.1 stable version from the link provided at the end of the post. If you are not already aware, Magisk is the top root utility from the past 2 years. topjohnwu is the brain behind Magisk. This root utility has gained so much popularity because of its system-less root approach — no modifications to the system partition. The ever-expanding list of compatible devices with Magisk has only added to the popularity of the utility.

Download Magisk 19.1

topjohnwu has kept Magisk in constant development and with every release, we think that he has perfect the utility. But he always manages to surprise us with the quality and stability he keeps on adding to the software.

Magisk 19.1 Stable – Changelog:

This is the complete technical change-log for Magisk 19.1:

  • Support recovery based Magisk
  • Support Android Q Beta 2
  • New sbin overlay setup process for better compatibility
  • Allow long pressing volume up to boot to recovery in recovery mode
  • Use a proper system_root mirror
  • Use self-created device nodes for mirrors
  • Do not allow adding new files/folders in partition root folder (e.g. /system or /vendor)

Download Magisk 19.1

You can download Magisk 19.1 stable release from the link given below.



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