Download Odin the best flashing tool for Samsung Android devices

Samsung devices are considered as the best in the world and the main reason for its intense popularity is the availability of updated Stock firmwares, custom firmwares, kernels and the easiest ways to flash them. Odin3 is Samsung’s small but a powerful utility that allows you to install different kernels, firmwares and mods on your Samsung device and helps you to unleash the true power of your Android device. Odin comes really handy when your device is soft-bricked and you can’t find a proper way to fix it. You can use Odin in that miserable time and can install the stock firmware. You can also use Odin if you are trying to install custom firmware that comes in .tar.md5 file format.

One of the best feature of Odin 3 is the installation of CF-Autoroot rooting script. CF-Autoroot is chainfire rooting script that support many Samsung devices and it can root your device in just a glimpse of an eye. Odin is available for Windows PC but if you are a MAC or Linux user then you can install JODIN3. JODIN3 is made especially for the MAC users and it has all the features that are currently available in the Windows version of ODIN.

Download All Versions of ODIN:

The latest version is ODIN 3.13.1 and is now available for download. You can download the latest version or if you want to try the old version then you can download it as well.

Here is the list of all downloadable ODIN versions: (recommended for Lollipop) 9 (Latest and Recommended for Samsung Experience 9 Firmware)

Samsung Firmware Flashing Tools for Mac and Linux

MAC and Linux users can use these tools for flashing their Samsung Android smartphones.

Download Latest Heimdall

Download and Use JOdin3