How To Enable Now Playing on Google Pixel 2


If you are a person who hates searching for songs, you listened in a restaurant or a park, on YouTube. Then you have a good news, as Google Pixel 2 has introduced a feature called ‘Now Playing’. This feature will detect what song is playing on nearby speakers and show the artist and song title on your screen. In this Android Tutorial, we will tell you How to Enable Now Playing on Google Pixel 2. There are concerns being shown on the internet regarding this feature. Some people are just not quite comfortable with this feature because they think that if Google Pixel 2 can detect the song playing on nearby speakers then it can also listen to your conversations while your device is laying on the table. Anyhow, if you are worried then you can always leave this feature disabled.

Now Playing currently has the catalog of about 10,000 songs which it can recognize and play for you. It’s a very useful feature for music lovers. So, if you are one of them then keep reading and learn how to enable Now Playing on Google Pixel 2.

Enable Now Playing on Google Pixel 2

How To Enable Now Playing on Google Pixel 2

  • Turn on your Google Pixel 2.
  • Open the Settings
  • In Settings app, Tap on Sound.
  • Now tap the arrow next to Advanced Settings.
  • Next scroll down and find ‘Now Playing’ Tap on it.
  • Here Tap the toggle to enable Now Playing.

That’s it! Now Playing is enabled on your Google Pixel 2. If you want to disable Now playing, simply toggle again to disable this feature. Happy listening!


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