How to Fix Galaxy S8 Restarting Itself Problem


Issues for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ seems to never end. After red tint and DQA Keeps Stopping issue, now there is another issue which users reporting – Restarting. Yes, some Samsung Galaxy S8s are restarting itself. The issue is reported on XDA forums and Samsung US community page, and many people are endorsing that they have faced the same issue. The person who started the thread on Samsung US community claims that his Galaxy S8 restarted 7 times in first 10 hours of its use.

Reports suggest that Galaxy S8 restarting itself is not connected with charging, means it restarts whether its charging or not. Galaxy S8+ users are also facing the same issue. Anyhow, a possible temporary fix for the Galaxy restarting itself problem is to remove the microSD cards. Check if your Galaxy still restarts itself after removing microSD Card.

Galaxy S8 restarting itself

Also, keep this in mind that it’s not uncommon for new out of the box smartphones to restart a couple of times after they are powered up for the first time for installing bug fixes and security patches. However, the restarting issue with Galaxy S8 which is being reported is not normal and may require Samsung’s attention. We hope to see another small OTA update to fix Galaxy S8 restarting itself issue.

We will update the post as soon as Samsung provides a fix for Galaxy S8 restarting itself problem.


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