How to Fix Mobile Legends Bang Bang High Ping Issue


Mobile Legends Bang Bang is the latest 5v5 MOBA showdown against the real human opponents. The game takes place in a Battle Arena where your team will pit against the other teams operated by real human opponents. Which means you and your team must strategize and plan the attack wisely since it’s not easy to beat the real human being on the other side. The game is really fun and action-packed but unfortunately, many players are complaining about high ping and lag. Well, lag also depends on the device on which you are playing the game. However, High ping means there is either something wrong with your connection or the game server. Today we will tell you How to Fix Mobile Legends Bang Bang High Ping Issue. Ofcourse, these fixes will work only if there is a problem with the connection.

This issue is prevailing for a long time and players are hoping that developers will provide mobile legends high ping fix. But unfortunately, the issue is still there and players are furious. Anyhow, today we will tell you how you can fix Mobile Legends Bang Bang High Ping Issue with a couple of small tweaks. So, if you see that resurrecting in 33 seconds message again and again due to high ping then worry not. Just follow the couple of steps to resolve the mobile legends high ping issue.

Fix Mobile Legends Bang Bang High Ping Issue

How to Fix Mobile Legends Bang Bang High Ping Issue

Lag Free Mode

Mobile Legends comes with a lag-free mode.  To enjoy the lag-free Mobile Legends match head towards Settings >> Basic Mode >> here turn on the Speed Mode. You will receive the warning about more Data being used if you are playing on Mobile Data. Press OK to apply  Lag Free Mode. You will see sudden improvement in the game.

Select Appropriate Mode

Well, some of the operators don’t support speed mode at the moment. In this situation, you will get better results normal mode rather than speed mode. If you see the following notice – ” Network error, tap to switch network mode” tap on the message and press Okay in the dialogue box to switch to normal mode.

Strong Wi-Fi Connection

Make sure that you are connected to a strong Wi-Fi connection before playing the game. As there are very little chances of high pings if your Wi-Fi connection is strong enough.

Please let us know did these tricks helped you to Fix Mobile Legends Bang Bang High Ping Issue.


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