How to fix Rules of Survival Stuck on Loading error or not running smoothly [Edit]


Rules of survival is an amazing Android title which gets inspiration from the famous PC title PUBG. The game offers more or less the same experience but the only difference is its free to play and is also available on mobile. Some players are even playing it on PC using an Android emulator. NetEase, the company behind this successful title fixed most of the issues of this game but there are few users who reported some annoying issues with the game. One user reported that the game runs extremely slow on its PC and some reported that the Rules of Survival just stuck on the loading screen.

Download Rules of Survival 1.126941.131775 APK

If you are experiencing such issues then it’s because of Virtualization. Both Intel and AMD processors support Virtualization but its disabled by default. In order to fix gameplay issue you need to enable Virtualization on your PC but before going any further you first need to confirm that your processor offers virtualization or not. For that, You need to install CPU-Z.
CPU-Z is a small application which gives you complete details about your processor. Its not mandatory but its useful for many other processes as well.

Once you checked your processor’s virtualization capability, you need to enable Virtualization. You can enable virtualization by going to your Bios. Once you are in the bios, look for the virtualization option and enable it.

Once enabled, Go to your Windows and play the game. If you are still experiencing the game play then you need to install its latest driver.

Once installed, You can easily play Rules of Survival and other famous titles without any shuttering or lag.

You can also check the video for better understanding:



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