How to Force Youtube Desktop Version in Safari for iPhone & iPad


Of course, the mobile version of websites are built to give smoother and faster experience. But this feature sometimes comes at cost of features you would like to have for any website. Same is the case with YouTube, many people like to access Desktop version of YouTube in Safari for iPhone and iPad.

We will guide you step by step on how to force desktop version of YouTube in Safari for iPhone and iPad. Just follow the guide carefully and within no time you will be able to access the desktop version.

How To Force Desktop Version of YouTube in Safari for iPhone & iPad

Step  1: First you have to enable JavaScript in your browser settings. To do so go to Settings > Safari > Advanced >JavaScript> and turn it On.

Step 2: Now open Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad, type and hit go. The Desktop version of Youtube will be loaded.

Step 3: Alternatively. Open Safari app on your iPhone or iPad any type http// and hit go. This will load the mobile version of Youtube. Now click on the menu and from the menu tap on Desktop. Boom! The desktop version is loaded.

Step 4: For iOS 8 users, open Youtube in Safari browser now tap on URL to highlight it and to bring up the bookmark menu. At the bottom of the bookmark menu, you’ll see Request Desktop Site option. Tap on it to have desktop version loaded.

Step 5: For iOS 9 and later, you probably know the drill by now. Just open the YouTube in your Safari browser, once the mobile version is loaded you will three vertical dots on top right corner tap on them and select Desktop from the options.

If you have any other tricks up your sleeve, please drop them in the comments section.