Galaxy S8 versus iPhone X: Galaxy S8 Wins


The iPhone X is supposed to be the best smartphone Apple has ever produced since it was launched as a special handset on the 10th anniversary of iPhone brand. However, the latest test results from Consumer Reports tells us that iPhone X might not be as popular as it’s been presented. According to the report, Apple’s iPhone X is ranked below its arch-rival Samsung’s Galaxy S8. Further, the report reveals that iPhone X couldn’t even beat its own brothers iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. Therefore, in the battle of iPhone X versus Galaxy S8, Samsung’s flagship stand victorious.

According to Consumer Reports test results, iPhone X is being ranked below because of very fragile build, iPhone X failed many of the dropped tests miserably. Once the set is broken, it’s very expensive to get it repaired. Moreover, the handset produced pathetic results in the battery drain test, the iPhone X lasted for 19 hours and 30 minutes only. I don’t know why, but Apple has always failed to produce a battery with impressive battery life. Also, the reviewer showed serious concerns about the price of iPhone X.The reviewer also praised some features of iPhone X, like its beautiful display, Face ID. and outstanding cameras.

iPhone X versus Galaxy S8

A couple of months ago, Consumer Reports, reviewed iPhone 8 and Galaxy S7 and in that battle of Galaxy S7 versus iPhone 8, S7 was ranked higher.

iPhone X versus Galaxy S8 Result

As for now, the rankings give first three spots to Samsung phones, with the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and S7. However, the Galaxy Note 8 holds the sixth position.