How To Get Unlimited Gems In Elder Scrolls Blades


In this Android Tutorial, we are going to tell you How to get Unlimited Gems in Elder Scrolls Blades. The Elder Scrolls Blades is now officially available to download on Android and iOS. All you need to download Elder Scrolls Blades is a smartphone and a Bethesda Net Account. You can also download Elder Scrolls Blades APK, or if you want to play it on PC then it’s also possible. Follow our guide on how to download Elder Scrolls Blades for PC and MAC. No matter on which platform you are playing the game you would always want to have an ample amount of Gems. Gems are the premium currency in the Elder Scrolls Blades. There are two ways of collecting Gems – 1)You can get them actually paying for them 2) You can get them by killing the enemies who leave Gems after dying.

Unlimited Gems in Elder Scrolls Blades

Gems are there to obviously buy things from the store, but they have better uses in the game, such as expanding your inventory or your chest storage. So having unlimited gems in the game can prove very beneficial for you. The method which I am going to tell you is actually a loophole which we are going to exploit to get unlimited gems. Remember, this not a hack, or doesn’t require root access. It’s a simple harmless trick which will enable you to get as many gems as possible. It depends on you at what number of gems you get satisfied.

Without any further ado, let’s jump straight to the guide on how to get unlimited gems in Elder Scrolls Blades.

Unlimited Gems in Elder Scrolls Blades

How to Get Unlimited Gems in Elder Scrolls Blades

We are going to ask you to install any malicious software in order to get hold of as many gems as you like. Just follow the below simple steps and see the magic.

  1. Launch the game and go to your town.
  2. Now select a quest and start playing it. Don’t forget to notice the number of gems you have before starting the quest.
  3. Once you are in the quest, go and find an enemy that drops a gem when killed.
  4. When you encounter the enemy, kill it and collect the gem which it dropped.
  5. Now, go on and find another enemy which drops a gem when killed.
  6. Only this time, let the enemy kill you. Once you die, restart the quest and repeat the same pattern again and again.
  7. If you haven’t guessed it already, you get a gem every time you restart. It means, keep on repeating the same process in order to get the gems.

This is how you can get unlimited gems in Elder Scrolls Blades without any hack.


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