Google’s New Pixel Fold Phone – All Specifications


Google Fold Phone

Bringing a revolution in Android Phones, Google has brought its new range of foldable phones with the Google Pixel Fold. The phone has top-notch features and the sleek and stylish design of the Google Fold Phone makes it worth the purchase. Being thinner than other foldable phones and having amazing durability, Google Pixel Fold could have an edge over other foldable phones. Let’s talk about it!

Google Fold Phone Release Date, Pre-Orders, and Price

Google Pixel Fold’s release date is expected to be somewhere around June 2023. However, the pre-order has already begun from May 10, 2023. The release date of Google Pixel Fold for Verizon customers here in the states is assumed to be June 27th 2023. 

Speaking of the price of the Google Fold Phone, the 256 GB variant is available to users for $1,799, however, if you buy a 512 GB model, the price jumps to $1,919.

As of now, the incredible Google Pixel Fold will be available to customers in the U.S., UK, Japan, and Germany. One great perk that comes with pre-ordering a Google Pixel Fold is that it comes with a Google Pixel Watch which usually costs around $349. 

Google Pixel Fold Design and Durability 

Like the book-like folding feature of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, and the Microsoft Duo, the Google Pixel Fold has a sleek design with a huge 7.6 inches display. Google Pixel Fold sets itself apart from other foldable phones in the fact that it has the thinnest profile of a foldable phone in comparison to other models.

However, the Google Pixel Fold is heavier than Z Fold 4. The phone weighs 10 ounces whereas the Z Fold 4 weighs only 9.28 ounces. The claims made by Google state that Google Pixel Fold has incredible durability. We’ll be the judge of that. The phone comes with a 180-degree fluid friction hinge that allows easy dust resistance and makes the device capable of 200,000 folds.

The Google Fold Phone is available to users in two colors- Porcelain and Obsidian. There could have been more color options but Google has launched only these two colors as of now. Also, the phone has a tabletop mode that allows easy video-calling features by going hands-free too. 

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Google Pixel Fold Battery And Charging

Google Fold Phone
androidtutorial google pixel fold battery life

Google Fold Phone comes with a 4,727 mAh battery which surely offers more endurance and longer battery life than the 4,400 mAh battery of the Samsung Fold Phone. Further, the Pixel Fold phone supports Qi wireless charging, and much similar to Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, Google Pixel Fold comes with a 30W wired charging option. 

Google Pixel Fold Performance 

Having a well-functioning and seamless Tensor G2 chip, Google Fold Phone is expected to give a smooth operating experience to the users. No doubt, the Tensor G2 chip makes the phone top-notch, however, its speed is not as good as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip present in the Samsung Fold Phones. The Tensor G2 chip offers 12 GB RAM and 256 GB or 512 GB of storage accordingly.

Google Pixel Fold Cameras

Google Fold Phone

Google’s Pixel Series has been known for its camera quality; the same should be true with Google Pixel Fold. The 48 MP rear camera, 10.8 MP telephoto camera, and 10.8 MP ultrawide camera add beauty and life to this device. Other than that, Google Fold Phone provides a Real Tone feature that gives smooth skin tones while clicking a picture. 

The camera is equipped with 5X Optical Zoom and 20X Super Res Zoom features as well. Google Fold Phone also comes with a 9.5 MP front camera to take selfies and an 8 MP inner camera for video calls and enhanced selfies too. As a user, you can take 48 MP selfies by using the front display as your viewfinder too. 

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Google Fold Phone’s camera features also allow a user to use a palm gesture to click a shot without even having to set a timer.

Moreover, the tabletop mode enables a user to go hands-free and enjoy a video calling experience even better. If you are in awe of the night sky, you can use the Tent Mode to capture it. 


Google Fold Phone has a range of unique and versatile features including a taskbar for easy access to apps and the ability to run two apps simultaneously.

The Google Fold Phone has an amazing camera and a crisp and clear display. The phone is worth using if you were in search of a top-quality foldable phone.



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