How to Control Android Device From PC – Free


Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. Nowadays, smartphones have gained so much importance in our lives that some people even value their handheld devices more than their standard computers. Most of us are stuck in our computer screens all day long, however, we still need to check our smartphones for certain things time to time. Therefore, today we are going to tell you how to control Android Device from PC for free. There might be a lot of paid solutions through which you can access and control Android device from PC, but this tiny tool called “Scrcpy” does that for free. Scr=Screen: Cpy=Copy, exactly does what its name suggests, it simply copies your Android screen to your PC and then let you control it with Keyboard and Mouse. To use this tool, all you need is a USB connection and ADB. NO ROOT IS REQUIRED.

Control Android Device From PC

The developer says scrcpy works on Windows, Mac, and Linux without any issue. Below is the explanation of how Scrcpy works.

It works by executing a server on the device. scrcpy communicates with the server via a socket over an adb tunnel. Your screen is streamed as an h.264 video, which is then decoded and displayed by scrcpy. Keyboard and mouse input is sent to the server and pushed to the device.” via XDA

So, if you were looking for a solution to control your Android Device from your PC. Then you have just found the solution. Follow our guide and control Android Device from PC.

How to Control Android Device From PC

  • Download Scrcpy for Windows.
  • Extract the downloaded zip file somewhere on your PC.
  • Add the location of adb.exe (inside the extracted folder) to your PATH variable.
    • Windows 10: System Properties > Environment Variables, then click ‘Path’ on the lower (System variables) box, then click Edit, then New, then paste in the full path – C:/Users/yourname/wherever you extracted/adb.exe – and then click OK on your way out.
  • Now Enable ADB on your Android device, plug it in via USB and allow the connection on the device.
  • Finally, go to the previously extracted folder, open Command Prompt within that folder, and Enter scrcpy in the command line.

Interacting with your phone is easy: Click=Tap; Click & Drag=Swipe.


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