How to Enable Stereo Speakers on OnePlus 5T


When considering specs of a smartphone, quality of speakerphones might be of least concern to you. But it could be the deciding factor for some of you who love music. A dual stereo speakers setup provides a richer and better audio experience compared to a single loudspeaker. Despite its importance, the feature was disappearing until Apple revived the trend. Today, we see Dual Stereo Speakers Setup even on budget phones. Unfortunately, OnePlus haven’t introduced Stereo Speakers on any of its flagship devices. However, thanks to the open nature of Android, you can now Enable Stereo Speakers on OnePlus 5T. If you own OnePlus 5T and want to enable stereo speakers on OnePlus 5T then keep on reading.

At first, the stereo speaker mod was created for OnePlus 3T by magura320. It was then ported to work with OnePlus 5 by another XDA developer ram4ufriends. Now the mod has again been ported to work with OnePlus 5T by yet another XDA senior member andrizmitnick. A Magisk mod by name of Stereo Sound Mod for OP5T is created by andrizmitnick, just install this module and you are good to go.

Without any further ado, let’s jump straight to the guide on How to Enable Stereo Speakers on OnePlus 5T.

Enable Stereo Speakers on OnePlus 5T


  • You need a OnePlus 5T to apply this mod. It will only work with OnePlus 5T.
  • Your OnePlus 5T must be rooted.
  • The mod is only compatible with OxygenOS. So, before you go any further make sure that your OnePlus 5T is running on OxygenOS or a custom ROM based on OxygenOS.
  • The mod works on both Android Nougat and Oreo.


How to Enable Stereo Speakers on OnePlus 5T

  • Launch Magisk Manager.
  • Open Modules Section using the Side Menu Drawer.
  • Here, tap on the floating ‘+’ button at the bottom.
  • Locate the downloaded zip file and select it to start the installation.
  • Once the installation is done, reboot the device in order to make the mod take effect.

After the installation of this Magisk Module, you will see a new app in your app drawer by the name of OP5TSpeakerCtrl app. Open this app and select Stereo Mode. That’s it! You have successfully enabled Stereo Speakers on OnePlus 5T.