How to fix Moisture in USB port error on LG G6


The LG G6 comes with a bunch of some major problems. Recently, we wrote a fix on jaggy display corners and on device corrupt error and now users reported an issue with the USB port. A users on XDA reported that he’s getting a warning message saying β€œMoisture in USB port” when there is no chance of any moisture. Moreover, he further reported that sometimes, he get a USB plugged in notification even when there is no USB plugged.

fix moisture in usb port error on lg g6

This error may be because of a bad USB cable but some are still saying that it could be a hardware malfunction. So far, there is no response from LG but a temporary solution recommended by a senior XDA member solved the problem. He advised LG G6 users to clean the USB port with a soft cloth to dislodge any dirt or dust and then dry the phone thoroughly. If you are also getting Moisture in USB port on LG G6 then you need to clean the USB port properly.



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