How to Fix Unfortunately, Fortnite has Stopped Error on Android


Fortnite is the most famous Battle Royale game at this moment. It easily surpasses Rules of Survival and PUBG Mobile in terms of popularity. NetEase tried to beat Fortnite by releasing FortCraft Beta, but we are yet to see the official release of FortCraft while Fortnite is on nearly every device at this moment. The game is quite stable with handful amount of issues reported so far. However, there is one error which is very common on Android devices and it’s very annoying. I am talking about where games and application suddenly crash without any apparent reason.  In this article we have addressed the Unfortunately, Fortnite has stopped error on Android. This is a very common error with rather an easy fix. Therefore, in this Android Tutorial, we are going to tell you How to Fix Unfortunately, Fortnite has stopped error on Android.

Fortnite has Stopped Error on Android

This error occurs due to data crash, weak internet connection or corrupted cache files. Most of the times its corrupted cache files which cause the game or application exit abruptly. And when you are playing a game like Fortnite, this would be the last thing you would want to encounter. Anyhow below is the guide on How to fix Unfortunately, Fortnite has stopped error.

How to Fix Unfortunately, Fortnite has Stopped Error on Android

Step 1: Go to Settings on your Android device.

Step 2: Tap on Application Manager and look for the Fortnite app.

Step 3: Once found, Tap on it and on the next screen you will see two buttons.

Step 4: Now tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Step 5: Once cleared, restart the device.

Step 6: When the device is back online, run Fortnite again.

That’s it. You have successfully fixed, Unfortunately, Fortnite has stopped error on your Android device. If you have any questions or stuck at any point do let us know in the comments.



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