How to get AMOLED Black WhatsApp Theme on your Android Phone


The year 2019 had all been about software companies releasing their respective mobile apps in dark-mode. And the trend is to follow in 2020 as well. There are a lot of apps that need to adapt to the much-touted dark mode, black mode, AMOLED mode, etc. whatever you would like to call it. You can get the idea of the importance of the dark mode that Google and Apple both baked the dark mode in their OS through which users can get system-wide dark mode. Anyhow, despite all the efforts that Google has made nevertheless some people still are unsatisfied. Because what Google provides as Dark theme isn’t actually pitch black which most of us would like. It’s more likely dark grey if we look at apps like Google Keep, Google Photos, Google Play store, etc. This includes WhatsApp also. It also doesn’t have AMOLED black.

In this Android Tutorial, we are going to tell you how to get AMOLED black WhatsApp on your Android device. Of course, the ones with AMOLED screens would benefit from it the most. Since they will get the pitch-black WhatsApp experience.

We are going to get AMOLED black WhatsApp by using a theming app called Swift Installer. Now before you go any further, it’s worth mentioning here that a) this app requires a rooted phone and b) it’s a paid app. So, if you are not willing to lose some change this guide isn’t for you. Having said that, we would recommend that you spend a little bit of money since Swift Installer will also enable you to get AMOLED black for Playstore, Snapchat, Hangouts, Google messages and more into the blackĀ  theme. Or any given accent color of your choice; including system-wide Amoled black. The app only costs $1.99 and in return, it makes sure that it gives value for every single penny spent.

Enough of talking now — Let’s jump straight to the guide on How to get AMOLED Black WhatsApp Theme on your Android Phone.

How to get AMOLED Black WhatsApp Theme on your Android Phone

  • Click on the red circle at the bottom right corner and click on continue editing.
  • You should now see a list of apps installed on your device. Scroll down the list and select WhatsApp.

  • After selecting Whatsapp from the list click on the red circle again at the bottom right corner and then click on install.

  • The app will now ask you to reboot the device. Do so, and be done with the process. After the reboot, what you will see will be the WhatsApp in pitch black theme.



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