How to Improve Sound Quality of Galaxy S8 Using UHQ Upscaler


Samsung Galaxy S8 was released with all bells and whistles required for a smartphone to be qualified as a flagship device. Many declared it as the best smartphone of 2017. It came with an amazing Infinity Edge Display along with a beastly hardware. The Galaxy S8 was near to perfect device in terms of style and hardware, however, there was one thing which was not quite up to the mark — it was the sound quality. Many people complained about the low sound quality when the headphones were plugged in. However, very few know that Samsung shipped Galaxy S8 with an option called UHQ upscaler. When turned on, it improves the sound quality of the Samsung Galaxy S8. In this Android Tutorial, we are going to tell you How to improve sound quality of Galaxy S8 using UHQ Upscaler.

Improve Sound Quality of Galaxy S8

This is the best way to increase the volume on your Samsung Galaxy S8. It won’t just make the sound louder but also will make it clearer and crisper then before. So, now let’s see how you can turn on UHQ Upscaler to increase the sound quality on your Galaxy S8.

How to Improve Sound Quality of Galaxy S8 Using UHQ Upscaler

  • Launch the Settings App from the app drawer of your Galaxy S8.
  • Then within the Settings Tap on Sounds and Vibration.
  • Now scroll all the way down to Advanced Section and Tap on ‘Sound quality and effects’.
  • Here toggle the switch to turn on/off the UHQ Upscaler option.
  • If your UHQ Upscaler option is greyed out then don’t worry. Check that your earphones/headphones are plugged in properly. Because if you pull out the earphones the UHQ Upscaler will turn grey and you won’t be able to toggle it.

There you go, now you know how to improve sound quality of Galaxy S8 Using UHQ Upscaler.


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