How to Increase Volume on OnePlus 6 [Headphone Jack Volume]


Despite having beastly specs, OnePlus 6 has been heavily criticized due to its low volume headphone jack. As soon as the device released and users started using it, the complaints about the low volume headphone jack started pouring in. It merits mentioning here that the sound quality is up to the mark, however, it’s not loud enough for users liking. Usually, in other devices, you can change the value in the appropriate mixer_path file to make your device louder. However, the location of the mixer_path file has changed on OnePlus 6 and many users have no idea where its placed now. Therefore, if you want to learn how to Increase Volume on OnePlus 6 through headphone jack than keep on reading. This method requires root access, so, if you haven’t rooted your OnePlus 6 already then follow our guide on How to Root OnePlus 6 to get the root access.

Increase Volume on OnePlus 6

Once you have rooted your OnePlus 6, next thing you would need is a root-enabled file explorer. Not all the file explorers are root enabled, so we recommend you the following two root enabled file explorers:

If you have managed to root OnePlus 6 then increasing volume on OnePlus 6 won’t be difficult at all. The only thing which is different from other devices is the location of the mixer_path file. And that’s exactly what we are going to tell you, the location of mixer_path file and how to edit it. Now, let’s get started!

How to Increase Volume on OnePlus 6 [Headphone Jack Volume]

  1. Launch the root-enabled file explorer.
  2. Now navigate to /vendor/etc. Next, open up mixer_paths_tavil.xml.
  3. Open up mixer_path_tavil.xml to edit some values. Once you open the file, you will be overwhelmed with the number of audio settings present in the file. Ignore everything, and simply search for =”headphones” (With quotes).
  4. The values you want to modify are “RX1 Mix Digital Volume” and “RX2 Mix Digital Volume”. They are set to 80 by default, you can increase them to the point where it’s both louder and comfortable for your ears. We recommend setting the values to 90.

Warning: Don’t increase the value as it could damage your ears. Remember, your ears are priceless.

That’s it! Now you know how to Increase Volume on OnePlus 6.