LG G5: 13 Useful Tips and Tricks to Enhance User Experience


LG G5 is the current flagship device released back in February 2016 by the Koreans. The device didn’t make as much buzz as LG expected. Having said that, LG G5 is still packed with some serious hardware. With Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 chipset and Quad-core (2×2.15 GHz Kryo & 2×1.6 GHz Kryo) CPU you won’t face any performance issues. Adreno 530 GPU makes sure that all your gaming needs are taken care off. On the back side Dual 16 MP camera is installed while the front is 8MP with 1080p recording. All this is powered up by a removable Li-Ion 2800 mAh battery.

Here are few nifty tips and tricks which will enhance your experience.

1.     Smart Settings

You can use Smart Settings to tell your LG G5 to do smart things like When earphones are plugged in open music app or when Bluetooth is connected open a specific app or change your sound profile, turn off/on WiFi when you enter the home. To enable Smart settings go to Settings >> General >> Smart Settings.

2.     Get the App Drawer Back

If you are missing the old app drawer and want it back simply go to Settings > Select Home > Home screen > Home here select the EasyHome option. You got the App Drawer back with slightly bigger text.

3.     Customize the navigation buttons

By default, LG G5 shows Back, Home and Recent app buttons across the bottom of the display. But thanks to LG G5’s customization options you can that in Settings > Display > Home Touch Buttons. You can re-arrange the buttons and set them in an order which suits you. You can also add to the collection of buttons to show at the bottom. Notification, Capture+ and QSlide are the only choices available at this time.

You can change the background of buttons to white or black.

4.     Change the Wallpaper and Appearance

If you don’t like the default wallpaper or the scrolling effect you can change it by going to Settings > Select Home > Home screen > Style.  Moreover, In the sub-section Layout you can choose whether to show apps sorted by Name or upload date. Besides, you can also adjust the grid size to better fit your screen preferences.

Go to Settings > Home Screen > Hide Apps here you can pick and choose which apps to hide. Every phone has some apps which are not used deserves to be hidden.

5.     Change the display size

Go to the dedicated menu and click on Display Size, you will see a slide bar at the bottom of the screen. Just slide it to get the best suitable customized size of displayed items. This is only possible if your LG G5 is updated to Nougat.

6. Customize your ringtones

You can get different ringtones for individual contacts. Go to Settings > Sound > Ringtone ID here you can choose whether you want to keep one ringtone for all the incoming calls or you want specific ringtones for your favorite contacts.

7.     Zoom out, not in

LG G5 is equipped with dual camera lens having an aperture of f/1.8. The default lens is 75 degrees and gives stunning results. But that’s not where LG G5 stands out; it’s the other 135-degree wide angle camera lens, which means G5 owners can zoom out when taking a photo. With this capability, you don’t have to step back to fit your family in one photo frame. Simply Zoom out!

Switching to the lens is pretty simple and can be achieved by two methods: 1) Tap the icon with three trees at the bottom of the screen. 2) Use the pinch-to-zoom on G5’s display. Only this time slide your fingers apart to zoom out.

8. Seven Different Modes

LG’s camera app is one of the most advanced in the market. It gives you seven different shooting modes, each one applying different effects to your photos or videos. Open the camera app and click on Mode to unveil seven different modes. Auto (the default), Popout, Multi-View, Snap, Panorama, Slo-mo, and Time-lapse completes the list of modes. Each time you select a mode the dialogue will show up which will let you know what to expect from the selected mode. All in all its a lot of fun playing with all those options.

9.Easy Access to Front Camera

Front-facing Camera aka Selfie camera can be accessed with a swipe of a finger. After launching camera app simply swipe across the screen in either direction and the G5 will automatically switch to the front camera. To switch back to the rear camera, simply do the same you did to switch to front-facing camera. You can also beautify your selfie with beauty effects available for front-cam.

10.LG G5 Take Photos with Voice Commands

G5 arguably has one of the best camera apps available in the market, it’s loaded with features and controls. One of those features is Voice Commands; LG G5 will  click a snap for you by just saying Cheese. To enable voice control, tap on the Settings icon in the camera app then to enable tap on the icon that consists of a face with the word “Off. Smile, Whiskey, Kimchi or LG are some other words included in the list.

11.Game Optimizer

Big screens, octa core processors, state of the art GPUs; all these things are power hungry and kill your battery very fast. Gaming is one activity which drains the battery quicker than any other application or activity. The LG G5 offers a workaround, go to Settings > General > Battery & Power Saving here enable the Game battery saver. This will lower the video resolution, to the extent that you won’t notice the change,  to get more juice out of battery.

12.Removable Li-Ion Battery

Today most of the high-end smartphones come with Non-removable Battery. But not in the case of G5, to remove the battery first turn off the device then click the button located at the bottom on the left side and pull the bottom of the device.

13.Secure your Device

There are a handful of ways you can lock your G5. Go to Settings > Display > Lock Screen > here tap on Select screen lock. This list includes: None, Swipe, Knock Code, Pattern, Pin, Password, Fingerprints. In Knock Code you can set a tap pattern to wake and unlock the phone. Alternatively, you can use more conventional options like Pattern, Fingerprints, Pin or Password.