How to Permanently Browse in Desktop Mode on Android


Most of the Android browsers nowadays have the capability of loading Desktop modes of websites. Desktop mode means that the website will load same as on your mobile device as it would have on your PC. Despite the fact that mobile versions are designed to perform smoother and faster than Desktop or PC versions on mobile devices, still many people like to load desktop mode on their mobile devices. Simply put, some websites simply look way cooler in desktop version on larger screens than their mobile counterparts. Moreover, sometimes to make website lighter they are stripped off of some good features.

There is another issue, for which will provide fix here, desktop versions on Android device works on one page at a time basis. Therefore, if you select Desktop mode it will only switch the current page you are on as soon as you navigate to another page it will go back to mobile version. Frustrating? Well, here we will guide you on how to permanently browse in desktop mode on android on Chrome and Firefox Browser.

How to Get Permanent Desktop Mode in Chrome Browser on Android

To get permanent desktop mode in Chrome, your device must be Rooted.

Step  1: Install Root Browser or any other file explorer of your choice given it has root access.

Step 2: Download the chrome-command-line.txt file.

Step 3: Now copy/paste “chrome-command-line.txt” file into the /data/local folder.

Step 4: Navigate to the file chrome-command-line.txt and remove the extension “.txt” from the file name.

Step 5: Finally set the permissions of the file to “rwxr-xr-x” (0755).

Step 6: Now restart the device. There you go, every website you hit in Chrome browser will open in desktop mode.

You can revert back to the mobile view by deleting the “chrome-command-line” file from /data/local.

How to Get Permanent Desktop Mode in Firefox Browser on Android

Fortunately for Firefox, you don’t need root access. If works like a charm on any unrooted Android Device.

Step 1: Open Firefox browser, and from the splash page tap on Add-ons for Firefox for Android.

Step 2: Then search for Phony, hit Add to Firefox and install the add-on.

Step 3: Now tap the three dot menu of Firefox browser and select Phony.

Step 4: Upon selecting Phony a list of User Agents will appear, select Desktop Firefox from the list. That’s it! Now all the websites in Firefox browser will load in Desktop mode.

To revert, simply select default from User Agents list or delete the add-on.

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