Razer Phone Update Arrives with Camera and Audio Improvements


The latest Razer Phone is the best gaming phone available on the market right now. With the whopping screen refresh rate of 120Hz, no smartphone comes even near it when it comes to hardcore gaming. However, Razer Phone received heavy criticism for it’s below par camera quality. The phone comes with a 12MP dual-camera setup which would have been enough to capture some nice crisp images. But, somehow, Razer managed to provide a poor software for the camera which results in poor processing, slow shutter speeds, and weak colors.  Anyhow, the company promised a Razer Phone update which would solve the poor camera problem.

The company kept its promised and they have already started rolling out Razer Phone update which brings fixes several welcome improvements to the camera and audio technologies. The update only weighs 97MB. After receiving this update you should get improved camera quality as claimed by Razer. The handset remains on Android 7.1.1 Nougat for the time being, however, with the October security level.

Razer Phone Update Notes

Camera improvements:

  • Improved shutter speed in low light and when using HDR
  • Reduced noise and clearer shadows
  • Improved picture quality and better color cast
  • Crushed bugs and performance improvements

Audio improvements:

  • “Tweaked the knobs” for greater clarity during playback
  • Improved call quality for HD Audio
  • Fixed some issues with Dolby Audio

If you have already received the update via OTA then please do let us know in the comments that did the update fixed the poor quality of the camera.



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