How to Unlock Bootloader on LG V30 (US998)


LG hasn’t been very generous to American users when it comes to unlocking bootloader. They aren’t as open as other companies like Google or OnePlus. LG released LG V30’s unlocked European variant (H930) and Italy-only model (H930G) and it only took three weeks before they were added to company’s official unlock website. This doesn’t seem to be the case with the LG V30 (US998), which is U.S’s Unlock Variant. LG V30 (US998) was available in the market in the start of the December 2017, if we go by the timeline of (H930) and Italy-only model (H930G) LG V30 (US998) should have been added to the LG’s official unlock website by the end of the December 2017. Anyhow, this didn’t happen and LG V30 (US998) is still not added to the official unlock website.

However, XDA Junior Member gwillmer recently revealed a trick through which you can Unlock bootloader on LG V30 (US998).

Unlock bootloader on LG V30 (US998)

It’s quite simple and easy. Though the model isn’t listed on the website yet, still you can get hold of the unlock code and unlock bootloader on LG V30 (998). Therefore, if you are looking to install mods like TWRP, Magisk, Xposed Framework etc. then follow these simple steps and unlock bootloader on LG V30 (US998).

How to Unlock Bootloader on LG V30 (US998)

  1. Go to the LG Unlock Bootloader page.
  2. Create a usual account there. No tricks required here.
  3. After that go on and enter your IMEI and Device ID numbers as requested.
  4. Now here comes the tricky part. All you have to is right-click and inspect the drop down for Phone section to change LGUS997 to LGUS998. Follow the below picture.
  5. After this go on with the usual process and you will receive the unlock code in the email.

That’s it! Now you know how to unlock bootloader on LG V30 (US998).


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