How to Use Google Pay On Rooted Devices


In this Android Tutorial, we are going to tell you How to Use Google Pay on Rooted Devices. This is a very important device for those who like to root their Android Devices and at the same time, they want to use the Google Pay or any other app related to banking and finance. Apart from Google Pay and banking apps, many games such as Pokemon also stops working on rooted devices. But, thanks to the recent developments we can easily run Google Pay on rooted devices without much hassle.

Use Google Pay on Rooted Devices

In order to use Google Pay on a rooted Android Device, your device must be rooted with Magisk. If you have rooted your Android device with some other method than I am afraid this guide is not for you. Try to install Magisk on Android and root the device with it.

Anyhow, we are assuming that you have a properly installed Magisk on your Android device, proceed with the below guide.

How to Use Google Pay On Rooted Devices

  1. Launch Magisk Manager and open Settings.
  2. In Settings, scroll down and enable the following options: Magisk Core Only ModeMagisk Hide, and Systemless hosts.
  3. Once the above options are enabled, reboot your Android device.
  4. After rebooting, once again open the Magisk Manager and click on ‘Tap to start SafetyNet check‘.

That’s it! Now you can use Google Pay on Rooted Devices without any issue.


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