How to Reset Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery and Start a New Game


    Starting a new game in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is not a piece of cake. Generally, you uninstall the game and re-install it to start a new career in the game. However, things are not that simple when it comes to resetting Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. As we mentioned in the previous article (Download Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery 1.5.4 APK for Android) that the decisions you make in the game are going to affect you until the end. Suppose, you have chosen your wand, joined a house, made an alliance, and later you realize that you want to change the wand — what to do now? Here you need to reset Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery on your device in order to start the game from the beginning.

    reset Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

    However, unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Even many users are convinced that they cannot reset Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery at all. But, in this Android Tutorial, we are going to tell you the ways through which you can easily reset Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery on Android and iPhone as well. We are going to present to you three ways in total through which you can make a new start in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. The first method is pretty simple and straightforward, however, if it doesn’t work, fret not. We have two more up our sleeves. So, let’s start and hopefully by the end of the post you will be able to reset your Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Game.

    reset Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

    Reset Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery by Turning off Wi-Fi

    • Turn Off your Wi-Fi and Mobile Data. In short, your device shouldn’t be connected to the internet by any source.
    • Now Start the game.
    • Close the game when the “Cannot Connect” error message appears.
    • Turn On your Wi-Fi or Mobile Data.
    • Restart the Game.

    Log Into Facebook With a Single Device

    • Launch the game on your phone.
    • Tap on the Gear Icon at the bottom left corner of the screen.
    • In the Settings Menu, tap the “Account Info” box underneath “Help”.
    • Connect your Facebook Account and exit the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Game.
    • Now log out of your Facebook Account.
    • Delete the Hogwarts Mystery game from your phone, also clear your browser cache and cookies.
    • Log back into your Facebook Account and go to the Settings of your Facebook account.
    • In Settings Menu, look for “Apps and Websites” on the left side of the screen.
    • Under “Active Apps and Websites”, look for the Hogwarts Mystery app.
    • Check the box and click “Remove.” A new box will appear asking if you’re sure. Check the “Delete All Posts, Photos, and Videos” checkbox and click “Remove” again.
    • Now, download Hogwarts Mystery from Google Play Store and install it.
    • The game should load and start you off at the Witch or Wizard selection screen.

    The process is painstakingly long but it seems to pay off. However, if it still doesn’t work and you are not able to reset Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery then don’t worry. We still have got one more method to go. You need to have another device at hand as this method requires two devices in order to reset Hogwarts Mystery Game.

    Log Into Facebook Using Two Devices

    • Launch the game on your second device. Make sure it’s a fresh install on your second device.
    • Log into Facebook via the Hogwarts app.
    • Exit the game without doing any activity.
    • Now pick up your first device and log into the game with Facebook.

    This method should effectively reset Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game as the save on your first device will be overridden with the save on your second device.


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