Bharati Babbar on how ApplyKart, an all-professional networking platform, is changing the job seeking hunt for the new generation

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Applykart CEO – Bharati Babber

The 21st century has changed the employment game, causing a lack of job availability, particularly for Gen Z. The Australian-based start-up app ApplyKart, aims to change the game and aid Gen Z.

Bharati Babbar faced the same struggle, as she was job hunting for 6 months in Australia with no reply, even with a history of 10 years of work experience. Because of this, Bharati’s idea was to create a new platform called ApplyKart that would help Gen Z and international students be seen and heard.

So, how did Bharati’s journey begin?

When Bharati Babbar was growing up in India, she was brought up in an area that was very well known for its business aspects, including her father, who was also running a business himself. Because of this, Bharati was inspired to create her own business and thus began her journey.

Bharati’s business journey began at the age of 21 when both she and her now husband, Malcolm, co-founded a small restaurant in India. She later progressed into building her professional history as a marketing manager in the western region of Citi Bank India while continuing to run the restaurant. She later decided to relocate to Australia to further her career, although she was faced with new challenges as she applied for several jobs but wouldn’t hear a reply.

During one job interview, Bharati presented her cover letter but came to a realization that employers just skim through their cover letters and resumes.

This is where her idea originated as she wondered why many people weren’t taught about how to structure a cover letter that presents itself in the best way, in particular international students. This is where ‘One Australia’ started, where Bharati and her team will help guide international students who find it hard to get a job due to various reasons such as experience, language, how to start, and being seen and heard.

This then brought an idea of how we can both guide students/ Gen Z on how to create a cover letter whilst also networking for jobs.

So, what is ApplyKart?

ApplyKart Website

As both an employee and employer, Bharati knew the struggles of job hunting and recruiting, ApplyKart created an online platform that didn’t focus on the cover letter but more on the character and skill set that the employee wants to demonstrate.

Bharati noticed that there was a huge gap that needed to be addressed with how various generations communicated with each other and how most Gen Z are happier to be mentored/mentored by their peers.

“Jobs now are not the same in terms of applying and being as it was when bombers were getting hired. Our main goal is to make a platform which has more diverse roles and inclusivity in more than blue and pink collared jobs”.

“Since a lot of job-seeking platforms require a paid subscription, small businesses may find it difficult to reach out to hire people.”

Bharati has recognized that there is a pattern with the newer generation, in particular, Gen Z in seeking advice and guidance in video forms and is launching a new video cover letter feature that enables users to showcase their professional skills.

Shortly, Bharati wishes to grow the app with subscriptions and by adding new premium features. But ApplyKart founders will be keeping the job posting feature free so that more and more small businesses can post for free.


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