10 Ways to Get Famous On TikTok Fast


Do you remember Vines? It was an app which gave you six seconds to record and entertain the world with your witty humor or anything. Unfortunately, Vine couldn’t make a long way and soon the cruel internet abandoned it. Anyhow, the idea was good, therefore, the demise of it created a void which had to be filled. Then came the TikTok in September 2016. The app took its fair share of time before becoming popular. 2018 was the year when TikTok took the flight. It became so popular and rich that in November 2018 the company managed to buy another giant Musical.ly and merge it with TikTok. In this Android Tutorial, we are going to tell you how to get famous on TikTok fast.

get famous on TikTok fast

TikTok is not just about making short videos for entertainment. This app actually lets you make money by making short and entertaining videos. To make money, you definitely need to get famous on TikTok. The more followers you have the more are the chances to make money. There are users on TikTok with millions of followers which eventually make them Influencers. Once you become an influencer on TikTok, you open a whole new world of opportunities to make money. Any brand would love to give a hefty amount of money to any influencer just to showcase their product. The point I am trying to make here is that it’s possible to make a lot of money from TikTok. But this money is yours to have only if you are famous on TikTok.

If you want to get famous on TikTok fast then try these 10 ways to get famous on TikTok pretty fast.

10 Ways to Get Famous on TikTok Fast

  1. Post Regularly: Nowadays, users want to see new content on a daily basis. So, posting new content regularly will grow the number of fans very fast.
  2. Be Consistent: You cannot build a huge channel or get famous overnight. Consistency is the key here. Try to be consistent and keep on posting new stuff on a daily basis. You will eventually start getting subscribers to your channel.
  3. Stick to One Niche: Try to stick to the niche you started your channel with. People don’t like mixed content under one roof. Therefore, if you started your channel with a comedy niche. Stick to it. Try to improve your work in the same niche.
  4. Go Live: Go live once in a week and address your fans directly. This will increase your bond with the fans.
  5. Share your videos: This is very important. Share all your videos to different social platforms. You never know if some video of your goes viral. If this happens, you will get famous on TikTok very fast.
  6. Collaboration: Try to collaborate with other famous TikTokers. The video having two persons definitely gets more attention.
  7. Genuine Content: Creating Genuine content could take some time, but believe me it’s going to pay off in ways you would have never imagined. Fans love Genuine content. So, never copy other TikToker. You can get inspiration for your video from other TikTokers, but never copy/paste other’s ideas in your videos.
  8. Positivity: Always try to spread love and fun via your video content. In the world full of hatred, people would love anything which makes them feel positive and comfortable.
  9. Commenting: Spend some time commenting on other’s video. People love when you make them feel special. Do it for them, they deserve it. In return, there’s a chance of getting more followers on your TikTok Account.
  10. Participation: Always participate in challenges and post appealing content in the trending hashtags.

These are the 10 ways to get famous on Tik Tok.


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