How To Change Android Wallpaper Automatically


Since the launch of color screen phones, wallpapers have been very important part of your phone. As the screen inches grew  the demand for quality wallpapers increased as well. People tend to change the mobile wallpapers on special occasions like Christmas,  Valentine, Halloween, Easter etc. Many uses such wallpapers that show their Political Affiliations. Putting it straight, a wallpaper says many things about the owner of the phone.

TIP: Dark colored or a completely black wallpaper can save your Android phone battery life.

We will tell you How to change Android Wallpaper Automatically. There are many apps in the Google Play Store which helps you change your Android Wallpaper automatically. We are listing handful below.

Wallpaper Changer

With Wallpaper Changer installed, you can choose minutes, hours and days as your interval. You can easily add images or whole folders of images which you want to rotate as your wallpapers. Wallpaper Changer can also change the wallpaper on every unlock if the option is enabled. You can also predetermine the position of wallpapers like fill, fit and stretch.


“If this then that” commonly known as IFTTT is little more challenging than dedicated apps for the purpose of Changing Wallpapers Automatically. IFTTT, developed by Linden Tibbets, connects apps with services using various triggers that lead to actions. Once you signed up to IFTTT and started working on your wallpaper changing recipe, you will have triggers like a recently liked image on Instagram, a newly uploaded image in a Dropbox folder, something from your RSS feed and so on. Against all these triggers there will be an action: Wallpaper Change on your Android Device.

Arrow Launcher by Microsoft

Microsoft’s smooth and glossy Launcher comes with plethora of beautiful Bing wallpapers which update on daily basis. Other than automatic wallpaper rotation, Arrow Launcher also suggests different apps based on your location which enhances your experience many times. The launcher is heavy on features and light on your battery.

Wallpapers by Google

Google itself is not short of collection of beautiful wallpapers. Choose a category and get attractive and amazing wallpapers on daily basis. With Nougat LINK you can have one on your home screen, and a different one on your lock screen.

Please share with us which app you found most convenient.