How to Change YouTube’s Default Home Tab and Increase Max Resolution with Xposed Module


YouTube is the most popular video sharing website on the planet. But lately, YouTube’s Android app hasn’t lived up to its reputation. Many people complained about that “Home” tab being selected by default when you open the app. I mean why someone would want random videos which YouTube think you should watch shown up front. The app should load more relevant “Subscription” tab by default. Or at least user should have an option to change the tab priority. Moreover, many a time video load in 144p resolution which is totally horrendous and unacceptable.

A Japanese developer Mikanoshi has built a Xposed module called YouTube+. This Xposed module lets you not only change the default pane which YouTube opens to but also enable you to set a higher default playback resolution. YouTube+ Xposed Module also works with the latest version of YouTube.

Therefore, without any further a due let us jump to the guide on how to install this module.


  • Your device must be rooted.
  • Xposed Framework must be installed
  • Make sure USB Debugging mode is enabled on your Android Device. You can enable USB Debugging by going to Settings > Developer Options.
  • Official YouTube app must be installed

How to Increase Max Resolution and Change YouTube’s Default Home Tab on Android

Step 1: Open download section in Xposed Installer app.

Step 2: Then search for YouTube+, Tap on the top result.

Step 3: Now swipe over to the Versions tab, then hit the Download button and press Install.

Step 4: Once the installation is completed, activate the module and reboot the device for the module to take effect.

Step  5: Head over to your App drawer and open YouTube+

Step 6: From here tap on the Default Pane option and select My Subscriptions from the list.

Step 7: Tap on Maximum default quality to select higher resolution as default.

Step 8: Tick the box next to Override device support to make sure YouTube app allow you to choose from all available resolutions for any video.

That’s all! Now you will be able to see all the latest content from the channels you subscribed as soon as you open the app in higher resolution.