How to Convert China ROM to Global ROM


Xiaomi has recently released the latest version MIUI for almost all the Xiaomi devices. The latest update to MIUI is the MIUI 9. In this recent update, the company has stressed on reliability rather than introducing new fancy features. MIUI 9 will utilize the resources more efficiently to ensure the quality of user experience. The company has introduced some new features over stock Android which is a good thing. One noticeable feature which is part of MIUI 9 update is split-screen. However, this feature is already available in Android Nougat officially.

MIUI 9 China Developer ROM for Xiaomi Devices is now available for download. Which means you can download and update your Xiaomi Device to MIUI 9 even before it’s officially launched. But before you proceed let us tell you that these ROMs are released for Chinese region. Therefore, you will have to Convert China ROM to Global ROM. Since China ROM will always have some remains of Chinese language even if you changed it to English.

In this tutorial, we will tell you How to Convert China ROM to Global ROM. You just need to pass some commands to achieve this. Follow our guide carefully, and within no time you will successfully convert China ROM to Global ROM.

For this guide to work, your Xiaomi device should be rooted and custom recovery must be installed on it. Also, a root file explorer must be installed on it.

Convert China ROM to Global ROM

How to Convert China ROM to Global ROM

  • You need to put some commands in build.prop file. Open this file to edit in any root file explorer of your choice for e.g. ES File Explorer’s Root Explorer. Once the build.prop is opened, add the following command in build.prop file.
    • product.mod_device=scorpio_mam_global
  • In the above command, “scorpio_mam_global” is the name for Mi Note 2. Therefore, you would need to change the name according to the device in your hands. Here is the complete list of code names for all the Xiaomi Devices.
  • The next commands to add to the build.prop will be as follows:
    • product.locale.language=it
    • product.locale.region=IT
    • sys.timezone=Europe/Rome
    • sys.language=it
    • sys.region=IT
    • product.locale.language=it
  • In the above commands, “it” or “IT” stands for Italy which sets the region of the device while globalizing the ROM as well as the language. You will need change that code according to your country. For example, if you are converting the device in Pakistan then you will have to change the “it” or “IT” to “pk” or “PK”. Further, you will also have to change the time zone according to your location. For Pakistan, you will use Pakistan/Islamabad instead of Europe/Rome.

Install Google Apps on your Xiaomi Device

  • First of all, download the zip package that has all the Google Apps. Download it from here.
  • Next, extract all the apps on your phone and install them one by one on your phone.
  • After this, you will be able to have all the Google Apps on your Xiaomi phone running MIUI 9 Global ROM.

Please let us know in the comments if you face any problem.