Fix Delayed Push Notifications on Android Device


In this Android Tutorial, we are going to discuss the issue of delayed push notifications on Android Device. Many users have been reporting a delay in push notifications on their Android Devices. Let’s clear one-thing here, the delay in push notifications is strictly related to the app. It has nothing to do with the might of your smartphone’s hardware. For e.g. it’s quite possible that Galaxy S8 is facing delayed push notifications problem and Galaxy S5 is not. So, there is nothing wrong with your device. Now, let’s see some of the steps which you can take to solve delayed push notifications problem on Android device.

delayed push notifications

How to Fix Delayed Push Notifications Problem on Android Device

Check if Power Saving Mode is causing delayed push notifications

We often put our Android Device in Power saving mode to extend the battery life of the device. Once, put in Power Saving Mode the device doesn’t pay full attention to every app. And this could result in delayed push notifications for the apps which are not included in the Power Saving’s list. Therefore, to fix the problem add apps which are facing delayed notifications problem in Power Saving’s list.

Let Background Apps Run

Users tend to kill the apps in the background every now and then and this could be a problem. When you kill an app you also kill the possibility of getting timely push notifications of that app. Therefore, don’t kill the apps in the background if you want to get timely push notifications.

Android Heartbeat Interval

Android’s Heartbeat Interval is the time taken by a device to reach Google’s Messaging Server and fetch the push notifications for an app. On Wi-Fi, this duration is set at 15 minutes by default while cellular network interval is set at 28 minutes. You can change Heartbeat Interval duration through an app called Push Notifications Fixer.

Delayed Push Notifications problem is very serious for some people and they don’t know how to fix this problem. Anyhow, the above steps would make sure that you never get a delayed push notification again.



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