How to Run Windows Apps on ChromeOS


If you are searching for “How to run windows apps on ChromeOS” then your search ends right here. As today we will exactly tell you How to run windows apps on Chrome OS. Lately, Chrome OS has gained immense popularity in U.S market. Many Chromebooks are bestsellers across popular retailers. One of the major complaints users had with Chromebooks was its inability to run windows apps. This thing has kept many users from buying Chromebooks. Whereas, users could easily install Linux via Crouton. ChromeOS also gained support for Android in 2016 and now this year most Chromebooks can easily access the Google Play Store. Anyhow, Codeweavers has finally released a Crossover for ChromeOS/Android. Versions of CrossOver for Mac and Linux are already available as a way to run Windows apps on the respective operating systems.

Now Crossover for ChromeOS/Android is officially available on Google Play Store for Intel Chromebooks. You can also download Crossover On ChromeOS APK and sideload it on your Chromebook. We will also tell you how to install APK on Chromebook. After installing Crossover on ChromeOS on your Chromebook, you can easily install apps such as Microsoft Office, desktop web browsers such as Firefox, media players, etc, can all be installed on Chromebooks.

Now let’s install the Crossover on ChromeOS APK on your Chromebook and after that, you will be able to run Windows Apps on ChromeOS.

Run Windows Apps on ChromeOS

How to Run Windows Apps on ChromeOS

  • First of all, download Crossover on ChromeOS APK on your Chromebook.
  • Now put your Chromebook into Developer Mode.
  • After putting your Chromebook in Developer Mode. Head towards ChromeOS Settings >> App Settings >> Security >> here toggle the switch to ON to Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Android’s built-in file manager won’t let you install the APK file. After all, Google doesn’t like it. Therefore, install a third party file manager, for instance, Solid Explorer.
  • Launch the Solid Explorer and go to the folder where you downloaded Crossover on ChromeOS APK.
  • Open the APK file. Select the “Package Installer” app and you’ll be prompted to install the APK, just as you would on a Chromebook.

That’s it! Now you can run Windows Apps on Chrome OS.