5 best Nikon apps for Android


Nikon is one of the world’s biggest camera manufacturing company. The only other one which matches its magnitude is Canon. Nikon is well known for producing mid-range cameras which are inexpensive but work quite well. Nowadays, everything is being controlled by mobile. So, you can also control your Nikon camera with the right Android app. We decided to help you out finding the right app for your Nikon Camera. Here is the list of 5 best Nikon apps for Android.

Camera Connect and Control

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Camera Connect and Control supports most Nikon Coolpix, D-Series, and some other models. This app is one of the more stable Nikon apps available on the Play Store. You will have the option to connect via Wi-Fi or USB depending on the option available in your Nikon Camera. You can view photos you have taken, remote capture photos and videos, control the shutter and see the camera serial number in the free version of Camera Connect and Control. The paid version adds live view, bulk downloads, and more.

Camera Remote Control

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Camera Remote Control is another cool Nikon app which enables you to control your camera remotely from the phone. The only drawback of this app is that your phone and camera must have IR blaster. The app supports a variety of cameras from different manufacturers. Camera Remote Control is a totally free app without any in-app purchases.

Helicon Remote

If you are looking for a professional level Nikon app than Helicon Remote is the best option. The app supports the majority of Nikon models except for D3xxx series. In Helicon Remote you can set extra long exposures, use exposure bracketing, get a full screen live view mode, time lapse shooting, video recording, burst shooting, and more. The app also has a free version, so it’s recommended that you try the free version first to see if app serves the purpose.

Magic Nikon Viewfinder

This is not one of the best Nikon apps since it won’t let you control your Nikon Camera. However, this app can be very useful when it comes to planning a shoot. Magic Nikon Viewfinder use your phone’s camera to emulate what shots look like on your Nikon. It’ll change the aspect ratio and you can even alter things like exposure.

Official Nikon Apps

There are a handful of useful official Nikon apps in the Play Store. Most of the apps are free. The apps range from connect apps to shopping apps to image sharing apps but the most useful is manual app. Manual Viewer 2 lets you download and read almost any Nikon camera manual for easy reference. The other useful Official Nikon App, which we recommend, is Nikkor app. This application will help improve your understanding of products used with Nikon digital SLR cameras, such as interchangeable lenses and accessories.

Please let us know in the comments section if we missed any great Nikkon App.


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