Learn to Connect Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones to Android


Today we are going to tell you how to connect Bluetooth speakers and headphones to Android. If you are a music lover then you will definitely not resort to the built-in speakers. You will definitely look for external speakers or dedicated headphones for a better listening experience. As we already know the days of 3.5-mm jack are numbered and most of the OEMs are getting rid off of it. Future is of Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

So, if you have purchased a nice pair of Bluetooth speakers or headphones which you want to connect with your Android. Let us take you through the journey of how you can pair one of those with your Android device. There’s no rocket science in it, but the simplest things can become a hassle. Therefore, without wasting any time, lets jump straight to the guide on how to connect Bluetooth speakers and headphones to Android.

connect Bluetooth Speakers

We will tell you the general settings and configurations which will enable you to pair the external devices with your Android. However, every device works slightly differently, so it’s best that you also consult with the user manual of the specific device. Once a connection is established, it should reconnect automatically when needed.

Android’s Bluetooth Settings

There are various ways through which you can access the Bluetooth Settings on Android Device. However, the most convenient and fastest way is to access it via quick settings panel in the notification drawer: Drag it open and tap the Bluetooth symbol to turn it on or off.

Tap the drop-down arrow below the symbol to change the Bluetooth device you’re connected to or to add a new device. Click on Details or More Settings for a more detailed page of options. Tap on Gear Icon to the right of any paired device to rename it, forget it, or change the parts of your phone it has access to. You can limit the access of a Bluetooth device to your phone by using simple on/off toggles. Available devices portion shows the devices which are available to connect but hasn’t yet connected to your phone.

How to Add a New Bluetooth device to Android

This could be a bit tricky because every Bluetooth hardware manufacturer works differently as we have already stated above. Some devices broadcast Bluetooth signals all the time unless and until you turn it off specifically. Others, like Headphones and earpieces, requires to be put in a special receiving before the connection could be made with Android. If you immediately don’t see the Bluetooth speakers or headphones listed as an available device then you must consult the user manual of that hardware. You probably need to press a button or combination of buttons in order to put the device in the right mode. The device may also require you to put the PIN in your Android phone. Again, it depends on the hardware. So, consulting the user instructions is of paramount importance here.

How to Disconnect Bluetooth Headphones or Speakers

Again there many ways through which you can disconnect a Bluetooth device from your Android phone. You can turn off the external Bluetooth device itself, you can also turn off the Bluetooth of your Android device, or forget the device as we outlined above.


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