How to Delete WhatsApp Sent Messages


If you are looking for “How to delete WhatsApp messages already sent” then you are in for a treat. As WhatsApp has just announced this feature and now you can actually Delete WhatsApp Sent Messages. Millions and millions of users were waiting for this feature but no one knew why it’s still not introduced. We all accidentally send messages to wrong users or we write something is anger which we regret right after the message is sent. Anyhow, WhatsApp has now ended our misery and now we can Delete WhatsApp Sent Messages. In this Android Tutorial, we will tell you How to Delete WhatsApp Sent Messages.

Before we go into the details, keep one thing in mind. You have to delete the message within the 7 minutes of sending. Once 7 minutes have passed, then you won’t be able to delete it from recipients phone. Means after 7 minutes the message will be only deleted from your phone like usual, not from recipient’s phone. Anyhow, if you delete it within 7 minutes then the recipient will see the following message “This message was deleted”.

Now let’s learn how to delete WhatsApp sent messages.

Delete WhatsApp Sent Messages

How to Delete WhatsApp Sent Messages

  • Make sure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your Android. (Latest WhatsApp APK coming soon on Android Tutorial)
  • Now open a WhatsApp Chat or Group from which you want to remove the sent message.
  • Now Tap on the message and you’ll see trash icon on the top of the screen.
  • Tap on Trash Icon and the sent message will be deleted from the recipient’s phone.

That’s it! You have now successfully deleted WhatsApp sent message.

Note: This feature is rolling out and might not be available for everyone at this moment. We will post the latest WhatsApp APK, with delete WhatsApp sent messages feature, in our APK section very soon.