Download and Install AltStore on iOS 13 / 13.1.1 Without Jailbreak


If you were looking for an Apple’s App store alternative then you are in for a treat. You now download and install latest AltStore on iOS 13 / 13.1.1 without jailbreak. The download link is provided at the end of the post.

Apple’s app store is great for many reasons, but if you are looking an alternative which allows you to upload apps, as a developer, which are otherwise disallowed by App store then AltStore is the answer. The prime example of such apps is “Emulators”. Apple’s App store doesn’t allow emulators to be uploaded on it, however, there’s no such condition in AltStore.

In the past, we have seen many alternative app stores but the problem with all of them was that they required a jailbreak. And with Apple winning the battle on this front, users ran out of good alternatives. AltStore has finally come to the rescue, you can download and install it on iOS 13 / 13.1.1 without jailbreak.

AltStore was developed by Riley Testut and it works just fine on iOS 13. But in order to make this work, Testut is using a feature that is supposed to be used by developers to allow them to test their apps before they are submitted to the App Store. This is something which Apple won’t like a wee bit, but since no enterprise certificates are used, this might be more difficult for Apple to kill off.

What is AltStore – Apple’s App Store Alternative

So, what is AltStore? AltStore is an alternative app store for non-jailbroken devices. Unlike other unofficial app stores today, AltStore does not rely on enterprise certificates, which Apple has been cracking down on more and more recently. Instead, it relies on a lesser-known developer feature that allows you to use your Apple ID to install apps you’ve developed yourself with Xcode, Apple’s development toolkit. This is intended for people who might otherwise be unable to purchase a $99/yr developer account themselves (such as students) — but as it turns out there’s no technical reason why it’s limited to just apps installed from Xcode.

App Store Alternative

Right now, there’s only one app available via AltStore – the Delta NES emulator; but we are expecting more and more apps to be available via AltStore

Download AltStore


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