Download Android 9.0 Pie for Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2 Devices


Your question for last six months or so has been put to rest today by Google. The new Android 9.0 is called Pie. We were pretty sure for the last six months that the latest Android iteration will be called Android 9.0 Pie. The first developer preview of Android 9 was released 5 months back. And since then Google has released 4 beta updates for the latest OS. The biggest update for Android 9 Pie was Developer Preview 4, which was very stable and was almost complete in every aspect. Today, the final version of Android 9.0 Pie is here. Now we don’t need to mention it as Android P or Android 9.0 P. Google Pixel and Pixel 2 are the first devices to receive official Android 9.0 Pie update. You can download Android 9.0 Pie for Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2 devices. from this post.

Two Biggest Features of Android 9.0 Pie

Only 12.1% of active Android devices are updated to Android Oreo and we have already got Android 9.0 Pie on our hands. There are hundreds of tweaks and optimizations made in the latest update of Android. However, there are a couple of really big features which made to Android 9.0 Pie. The biggest update, Android 9.0 Pie, got is the Gesture Navigation. The world is moving towards Gesture Navigation and Google decided to climb the bandwagon of the same. Android 9.0 Pie features gesture navigation but there is still a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

The home button is now pill-shaped and you can swipe it side-to-side. Swiping up opens the Recent App switcher and can also open the app drawer from anywhere. Swiping to the left quickly will go to the previous app, or you can slide the pill back and forth to scroll through all recent apps.

download Android 9.0 Pie

Since Google adopted the now much famous Gesture Navigation it had to change the UI of recent apps. Google bid farewell to the vertical Rolodex of recent app windows. Rolodex design is now swapped with the much more clean and practical horizontal list of recent apps. In this new UI, the recent app windows won’t overlap, which means you can get a clear idea of what you were doing in the app.

Android 9.0 Pie is going to make its way to many Android devices. Here’s the list of Devices to receive Android 9.0 Pie update. For Google Pixel and Pixel 2 users, it’s already here. Keep on reading and download Android 9.0 Pie for Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2 Devices from this post.


  • Setup and Install ADB/Fastboot Drivers.
  • Unlock bootloader on your Google Pixel device.
  • Enable Developer Options, to do this go to Settings>About Phone. From here tap on build number 6 to 7 times.
  • Enable USB Debugging in Settings>Developer Options.
  • Install Google Pixel and Pixel 2 USB Drivers for Windows PC or Mac.
  • Backup all important data.
  • Make sure your device is charged up to 60% to avoid any shutdowns during the installation of Official Android 9.0 Pie.

Download Android 9.0 Pie Factory Images

How to Install Official Android 9.0 Pie on Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2 Devices

  1. Download Android 9.0 Pie Factory Image for your Pixel device on your PC, if you haven’t already.
  2. Now turn off your device and connect it to the PC via USB Cable.
  3. Get into the Fastboot/Bootloader Mode on your phone. Turn ON the phone while pressing and holding the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power buttons till you see the Fastboot menu and START on top.
  4. Now extract the downloaded update file anywhere on your computer. Go to the Android 9.0 Pie factory image folder and Copy/Paste all the files into the Fastboot folder.
  5. Now from the factory image files in the Fastboot Folder do the following depending on your OS.
    1. Windows: Run the file “flash-all.bat”.
    2. Mac: Run the file “” using Terminal
    3. Linux: Run the file “”.
  6. That’s pretty much it! Now, wait and watch as the installation gets completed. Once the process is completed the phone will reboot. The first boot can take up to 5 minutes.


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