Download Google Camera HDR+ APK for Samsung devices


Google announced the new Google Pixel 2 in the market which claims to have the best camera. The Google Pixel 2 camera brings a new concept of motion pictures, face retouch and HDR+. Moreover, the Pixel 2 camera can record videos up to 4K resolution and can also record slow motion videos up to 240 fps. Recently, CNET conducted some camera tests and it proved that the Google Pixel 2 camera is far more superior than the iPhone 8 Plus camera. It can produce better portraits and landscape photos as it has the Google’s HDR+ technology activated by default. Since its release many third developers are trying to develop it for other devices as well and thanks to omar9x, an XDA developer who developed the Camera HDR+ for Samsung S6, S7 and S8 and other old devices.

We tested the App on one of our Samsung devices and it proved to be major upgrade compared to the stock camera of Samsung devices. If you own a Samsung device and want to capture photos in better quality then it’s time to install Google Camera HDR+ on your device.

Download Google Camera HDR+ APK for Samsung Android devices