Download Video Buddy YouTube Downloader APK 1.31.13112 for Android


In this Android Tutorial, we will tell you how to download and install Video Buddy YouTube Downloader on your Android device. It’s an amazing video downloader that not only allows you to download YouTube videos it also has a unique feature of Download Detection. This means while browsing the internet on your device the app will detect any downloadable content and will let you download it on your device. Following you will be able to download Video Buddy YouTube Downloader APK having a 1.31.13112 version number. This is the latest APK with a lot of bugs fixed and new features added.

If there were ever to be a time where this app becomes essential for every user, that time is now. During the COVID19 pandemic where most of the world is in self or forced quarantine, Video buddy is there to help you in killing the time while staying at home. Apart from the video downloading ability it also offers you a rich variety of video sites, include Movies, TV shows, Clips, Girls, Trailers and Funny Videos. All can be downloaded for free. So, it’s an app that you need right now.

Further, it has an ability to block all the annoying ads which lessen the user experience. It can also speed up and accelerate the download process. It makes sure that every bit of your internet is utilized while downloading a video for you. Video Buddy also offers a great optimized built-in video player which tremendously increases your viewing experience.

So, if you are convinced that this is the app for you then keep on reading to download and install the Video Buddy YouTube Downloader app on your Android device.

Download Video Buddy YouTube Downloader APK 1.31.13112 for Android

  • Download Video Buddy YouTube Downloader APK 1.31.13112 for Android.
  • Copy the downloaded APK to your Android device.
  • To install APK files from other sources you will have to go to Setting >> Security >> Allow Unknown Sources. Once you check this option you will be able to install the files.
  • Tap the downloaded APK to initiate the installation process
  • After completion, run Video Buddy and enjoy the abundance of content for free.

If you find the above instruction insufficient then check out our guide on how to install APK files on Android.