How To Enable HEVC/H.265 Recording on OnePlus 5 (OnePlus 5 Camera mod)


OnePlus 5 has a very powerful camera which is capable of taking some awesome snaps. On the front, OnePlus 5 features Dual 16 MP, f/1.7 camera with dual-LED flash and optical image stabilization. It also records video at 2160p@30fps, 1080p@30/60fps, 720p@30/120fps. Therefore, video recordings at such high resolutions take a lot of space to get stored. Though OnePlus 5 has an abundance of memory, but still nowadays where mobile cameras are used by even professional videographers, memory is always a problem. So, to counter this issue of storage, an XDA pankajsammal tinkered with the system of OnePlus 5 and successfully enabled HEVC/H.265 video recording at 4k, 1080p & 720p resolutions.  This OnePlus 5 Camera Mod (Requires Root) Enables HEVC/H.265 Recording.

This OnePlus 5 Camera mod reduces the bitrate of video recording which eventually saves a lot of precious storage on your OnePlus 5. This OnePlus 5 Camera mod will save a lot of storage. Please note how much space you are going to save.

OnePlus 5 Camera Mod Decreases the video bit-rate by around 40%
Video is currently recorded at following bit-rate
4K at 24Mbps (default is 42Mbps)
1080p at 11Mbps (default is 20Mbps)
720p at 8Mbps (default is 14Mbps)

So if you want to install this OnePlus 5 Camera mod then follow the below guide.

oneplus 5 camera mod

How To Enable HEVC/H.265 Recording on OnePlus 5 (OnePlus 5 Camera mod)

  • First of all, make sure your OnePlus 5 is rooted.
  • Now download the OnePlus 5 Camera Mod.
  • Here don’t forget to take the backup of media_profiles.xml file. You can find this file at /system/etc/.
  • Now once the OnePlus 5 Camera mod file is downloaded, To enable it, simply overwrite the /system/etc/media_profiles.xml with the modded one you just downloaded.

And that’s it! You have successfully installed the OnePlus 5 Camera mod and enabled HEVC/H.265 Recording on OnePlus 5.