How to Enable Wi-Fi Hotspot on Verizon Galaxy S8/S8+


Wi-Fi hotspot is a very good feature to have, but unfortunately, due to the restrictions by carriers, this feature is locked in mobiles. Same is the case with Verizon Galaxy S8/S8+, they come with Wi-Fi Hotspots disabled unless you pay them more to get this feature enabled. However, this restriction can be worked out by some hacks and apps which require root access. But today we have a solution for you which doesn’t require root access. This post is about how to enable Wi-Fi hotspot on Verizon Galaxy S8/S8+ with a simple app which doesn’t require any root access.

You can enable Wi-Fi hotspot on Verizon Galaxy S8/S8+ with an app called Net Share-no-root-tethering. The app uses Wi-Fi direct to share your phone’s mobile data. So, if you are using Verizon Galaxy S8/S8+ and want to enable Wi-Fi hotspot on it then follow my guide step by step and within no time get your hotspot ready for use.

How to Enable Wi-Fi Hotspot on Verizon Galaxy S8/S8+

  1. Install Net Share-no-root-tethering directly from Google Play Store for free.
  2. Then go to your app drawer and launch the app.
  3. Now check the Share Internet Connection at the top of the main screen.
  4. Once you check the option, the app will create a Wi-Fi hotspot with random name and password.
  5. That’s all! Now anyone with name and password can use your mobile data via Wi-Fi hotspot which was created on your Verizon Galaxy S8/S8+.

The app doesn’t have many options at this time but the main option which is needed is available. You can allow bandwidths and speed limits to monitor the usage. This is essential so you don’t exhaust your mobile data package. Moreover, this app works with any Android Device running on 4.0 or later, at least in theory.